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* 5.1.1992 - †05.05.2005

Personality: 4-legged human

Today at 3:18 pm I said goodbye to you. Of all the love I have known in this world there was none like yours. Always unconditionally the greatest companion I have ever known. Although my heart is breaking I know you are much better off out of any pain and suffering you were enduring because of me. I love you more than anything and I will never forget all you've meant to me. You are by far the greatest gift God ever gave me.

For thirteen years you provided unconditional love, joy, and emotional support. You were always there when I needed you – at the door, on the floor, at the window, and above all in my heart. You awaited my return when I was gone as I await our being reunited one day in eternity. You touched so many and so many miss you. You were always a puppy and an integral part of the family up until the end when you passed away in my arms. You took a piece of me with you when you passed away and every day I will shed a tear at my loss… until we meet again I’ll always keep you in my thoughts, prayers, and dreams. When I was sad, you comforted me; when I was angry, you consoled me; and when I was happy, you shared my joy. You were always so sad to see me leave without you, and always so happy when I came home. You did everything I told you to do, and you always wagged your tail. You taught me more than I could have ever taught you. Through thirteen years, you conquered every illness and accident life threw at you. The only thing you couldn't beat was time and age.

Borko, you will always be the brightest, greatest, most loving creature that I have ever known. You will always be my constant companion, my "fuzzy buddy," my "Dufus Dingus," my best and truest friend, and you shall remain in my memory and in the depths of my heart forever. You were part of me, Borko. You were my inspiration; my greatest joy. Your passing leaves a great hole in my life, and the world will never be the same without you.

Wherever you are now, Boro, stay there and be a good boy. We will see each other again, little Borko, and I'll hit the tennis ball for you, and we'll go for a walk and play and chase cats. In the meantime, farewell, my noble friend. I will miss you profoundly, and I will always love you.

Bye for now our dear Borko. Fly with the angels and be free. As we look up at the sky I can feel you there and know you are happy.

Goodbye from Miroslav

S večnou spomienkou na Borka spomína Miroslav Bajo s rodinou a všetci tí, ktorých Borko obdaroval svojim kúzlom psej lásky, oddanosti a najkrajšieho priateľstva.

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